Giving Back to the Earth


Throughout the development of civilization, humans have put forth great efforts to confront the great mysteries of nature. As human beings, we have fought to shape nature to suit our own interests.

 The majority of agricultural methods used these days, such as the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, are inherently harmful to the natural environment. Although these techniques are effective in solving short-term problems, they also destroy ecological balance.

Tea originated as a gift from nature. Why then is it so difficult to find natural teas today?

Based on the concepts of giving back to the earth and achieving a symbiotic balance, Zenique adopts all-natural environmentally-friendly methods of agricultural production.

No growth hormones or chemical fertilizers are used in any of our products. Instead, our agricultural program follows the natural, seasonal growth of tea plants, and an organic fertilizer is only used once at the end of the year.

This allows the tea plants to grow freely and absorb the rich nutrients of the earth. In addition, our tea leaves are picked only after the plants have fully matured.






The flavor and aroma of naturally cultivated tea differs greatly from that of regular tea. Tea brewed from regular tea leaves often lacks robust flavor and can be overly acidic, causing it to easily become bitter when steeped for a while.

The leaves of naturally cultivated tea plants are often nibbled on by tea green leafhoppers, which cause the leaves to become naturally sweet during the fermentation process.

These naturally cultivated tea leaves produce tea that is rich in pectin and smooth in taste, without any hints of bitterness or acidity. Unencumbered by artificial flavors and fragrances, the tea emits a wonderfully full-bodied and refined aroma of natural freshness.


Enjoy the original flavor and fragrance you’ve been waiting for with these naturally cultivated teas!