In our view, everything begins with the sense of beauty.

Stop, be still, and think. When you spray insecticide on your potted plants, dont you think it is a cruel act?

The decision is simple, if we cannot bear to bring harm to nature we have choose an organic life.

As far as we are concerned, aesthetics is a state of mind; when peace is attained for the body and mind, we are naturally more attuned to our surroundings.

Even enroute to work, we will be able to sense the peacefulness and tenderness of the falling leaves, germinating plants by the road and overlapping mountains in the distance.

As a matter of fact, if we can look into our thoughts, even if it is just a glass of water, we will be able to drink it peacefully and gracefully without the need for other rituals.

Drawing inspiration from “Aesthetics”, employing eco-friendly, natural farming methods, emphasizing equal importance in design and content; this is a new generation of lifestyle aesthetics.


Belong to Nature


All phenomena, at some level, interlink with man in imperceptible, unknowing manner.

Using polygraphs, scientists have not only found that plants have a form of consciousness, but also have instrument-detectable awareness of the ideas and feelings humans have toward them, clearly perceiving them and reacting. (Note 1)

The foundation element in maintaining life—water—has also been found to perceive and react to human thought and music, images, etc., its crystals fluctuating and undulating in response.

Zenique understands and embraces the concept that there is no separation between plants and humans.

Our goal is to arouse more intimate contact between humans and the natural world.

We seek a kinder, gentler path to go back to nature, and with a friendlier attitude embrace the unlimited energy nature has bestowed on us.




 Note 1: From Do Plants Have Feelings?, written by Cleve Backster.