With the aspiration of « introducing the goodies of Taiwan to the world », Zenique was founded in Taipei in 2006.

Zenique always stays true to its initial vision of respecting the nature and innovating the design. With its pursuit of purity, nature, and an aesthetic living style, Zenique uses organic tea leaves verified by the National Chung Hsing University and MOA certification to produce its collections of teas. The teas are added with natural ingredients such as osmanthus, rose, raw ginger, and lemon grass and follow traditional tea brewing methods.

100% naturally-grown tea, no pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or artificial fragrances are added, only 100% organic tea leaves are used to brew Zenique teas. In the time when buyers are constantly worried by food safety, Zenique vows to provide a top quality alternative for its customers.

Besides persistence in organics and respect for nature, Zenique is also committed to enhancing Taiwan’s design level. Our first product “Zenique Classical Line in tin-packaging” received an award in the Product Packaging category of the 2010 Good Design Award in Japan. The Zenique Tea Pot Travel Set was also awarded the 2012 iF Product Design Award in Germany.

We believe that the essence of evolution lies in thought. Through intelligent, focused thought, we can meditate on the meaning of life and find a perfect balance between the practical needs in our lives and aesthetic feeling.

In 2011, we shifted our attention towards French desserts and Tea Salons. Through the novel Tea Salon concept, we hope to combine the rich texture of French desserts with the refreshing, sweet aroma of Taiwanese tea, so as to introduce Taiwans brand new appearance to more people.

By embracing our original intentions, an experiment of aesthetics, quality, passion and brand is currently underway. We cordially invite you to join us!