Tea trees flower oolong tea


The tea trees flower, that amazing work of art produced by the tea tree, flowers just once a year, a precious and visually delightful event.

Freshly picked tea tree blossoms – the tea trees flower – retains its body and character when added to tea as a flavor enhancer,

faithfully expressing the essence of the tea tree on first drinking. It enhances the fermentation and curing of the Oolong leaf,

complementing the teas green-heart appearance and sweet glycol flavor, and the fresh flowers open in the brewed tea soup,

creating a novel texture and taste experience. Regular consumption helps dispel toxins and excessive accumulations,

promote ones metabolism, eliminate fat, and even improve posture.


Degree of fermentation:approximately 20-30%

Degree of heating and drying:approximately 60%

Recommanded serving temperature : 90-100°C

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