Jasmine black oolong tea

Exclusive Zenique Tea.


Combining popular jasmine fragrance, refreshing taste with Zenique’s renowned scented tea technique, flower buds and

tea leaves are layered on top of each other according to a specific ratio,

so that when the jasmine buds bloom at midnight, they can be scented with the black oolong tea.

The process is repeated for more than 30 hours, so that the mild fragrance can blend harmoniously with the rich aroma of black oolong.

The flawless fusion of two distinct flavors produces a sweet, mellow and pleasant taste on the palate, creating a unique, innovative tea aroma.

The product can be enjoyed during or after the meal to refresh your palate and remove any aftertaste.



Degree of fermentation:approximately 25%

Degree of heating and drying:approximately 100%

Recommanded serving temperature : 90-95°C

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