What makes naturally cultivated tea different from other regular tea?


•  Eco-friendly—no pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used.

•  No growth hormones are used in cultivation, and tea leaves are not picked

    until the plants have fully matured. This enables the tea to be richer in

    nutrients and have a natural, smooth flavor.

•  Natural teas are rich in pectin and do not turn bitter or acidic even after

    cooling down, making them perfectly suited to the busy pace of modern life.

•  Always light and smooth in taste—never harsh like regular tea. Natural tea is

    delicious and aromatic to the very last drop!


The Best Tea – True to Nature, Direct from Nature


Fragrant  Elegant and delicate, with subtly restrained personality.

Aromatic  Lingering aroma after swallowing, with sweet curling mellowness.

Sweet  Pleasantly surprising natural honey perfume.

Smooth  Harvested only after reaching full maturity, thus maximizing pectin,

                     bringing moist and silky texture.

Full-bodied Tea allowed to grow naturally, with no growth hormone interference,

                           enjoys stable maturation, calm texture, and long-lasting flavor.

Vitality  Freshness and flavors, carrying the energy directly from the nature.


• Naturally Grown Tea / Organic Tea?


Since launched onto the market in April, 2006, our products have been merchandised as organic commodities; furthermore, we have adhered to organic regulations in Taiwan by designing the MOA/CAS organic produce certification label at the bottom of the can.

Unfortunately, nations and regions such as the US, EU and Japan do not recognize Taiwans organic certification system; consequently, in order to keep abreast with international trends, we renamed our product as “Naturally Grown Tea” in January 2009, so as to facilitate product exportation and management.

Nonetheless, we still rigorously abide by MOAs cultivation and production regulations; furthermore, random samples are drawn from new teas produced each season and sent to SGS for testing. This is to eliminate any potential contamination during production or packaging, and ensure peace of mind.


•  Natural Cultivation / Are Organic Products Really More Expensive?


In comparison to mainstream agricultural products, naturally grown/organic products are indeed somewhat more expensive.

Beyond the premium charged by retailers, the main reason for the difference is smaller crop yields. The average plantation will use “cell division agents” during the cultivation process to increase tea-leaf volume (forcing three times the natural density), so growing leaf the natural way, which brings one-third the yield for the same acreage, naturally results in a price difference.






•  On the retail market the customer sees many products labeled naturally grown or organic, but can producers who do not use pesticides declare their product naturally grown/organic?


In fact, growers that do not use pesticides may not declare their products organic or naturally grown.
The trio of product, land, and humans must all be in conformance with both the spirit and the standards in place for organic production, and full compliance must have been achieved for three consecutive years or more, with regular testing of soil, water quality, product quality, etc.

With confirmation that no chemical pesticides are used, no chemical fertilizers are used, and there is no heavy metal contamination in the soil used, and after receiving guidance and undergoing evaluation by the organic certification unit of the Executive Yuan’s Council of Agriculture, formal certification is granted and the term “Organic” can be carried on one’s product.


•  Place of Origin and Time of Origin


Have you ever wondered whether the tea you are drinking has incorrect/false information in the product-package registration information? 

The standards we have in place for our teas are strict and inviolable: a single area of production/a single season/a single farm. Our leaf is never mixed with leaf from another grower, region, or season, guaranteeing the purity and reliability of our product source and quality.

It is our belief that a tea bush goes through its own unique experience of wind, sunshine, and rain in a season before harvest, producing unique natural coding and reactions in the teas of each season and each area of land, the result being leaf of independent character and tea soup of unmatched personality.

Drinking the teas of the different seasons allows us to walk along with the poetry of the natural order, fully drinking in the beauties of the great outdoors. Savoring the tea of a previous season lets us link with and experience the joys and the tears of creating a leaf in a time fleeting, and now gone forever.

From this time forth, we trust that this cup of tea before you will be infused with new life, and new meaning.


Place of Tea Origin: Taiwan, Nantou County

Fishwort (Houttuynia cordata): Taiwan, Taichung

Gaoshan (High Mountain) Tea: Alishan, Lishan, Nantou Countys Ren ai Township