Following the 2011 in Taipei Yongkang Street to create a combination of Taiwan's natural cultivation of tea X French manual dessert of the new Le Salon,

2017 in October is a new classic Yongkang Street!

Continuation of the brand has always been a simple texture of simple lines,

Small tea planted flagship store to the United States New York classic "Guggenheim" art museum for the design inspiration,

To create a new circular arc corridor, along the arc rise and fall of the unique sense of hierarchy,

So that the purchase of tea also seems to be in the "museum" in the magic experience!

In addition, the whole shop did not forget to "tea garden" for the original design, the floor mining design,

Into the inside have come to the wonderful experience of tea, fresh, elegant, comfortable.

Small tea carefully crafted the art of shopping environment, but also to the classic design tribute.

Small tea planted all the way to adhere to the "from outside to inside, only the use of high-quality raw materials, making detailed merchandise"

Even the store all the settings to the packaging of each commodity, not sloppy,

Is to be the most pure tea, with the highest quality, was presented to you, gifts can also be sent to the heart.