Innovation x Delicacy  


A beautiful encounter between Taiwans naturally grown tea and luxury French dessert.


Zenique Le Salon Yongkang Store is located in a three-story simplex building.

The visitors will be greeted with a display of the Zenique Classical Line in a tin-packaging collection,

which was honored with Japans Good Design Award. On the other end is the French dessert section,

offering handmade cakes, pound cakes, macarons, Italian chocolate, cookies faits main, etc.


The overall space is poised and understated; similar to the Daan Store, the Yongkang Stores design derives inspiration

from the concept of the “Nature of Tea”, where copious amounts of concrete and timber are applied to forge the organic, pure space.

By creating a peaceful corner in the urban environment, people will be able to remember that they too come from nature,

and in turn experience a resonance with Mother Nature.



    S T O R E    I N F O R M A T I O N :

   A D D R E S S :
   No. 8, Lane 4, Yǒngkāng St, Daan District
   Taipei City, Taiwan 106

   O P E N I N G  H O U R S :
   11:00 – 22:00


   T E L :

   F A X :

Yongkang Le Salon Store 

A V A I L A B L E    I N    S T O R E : 



Tea collection, Gift set



Special set menu, table service
(reservation service)

Luxury French Dessert



French handmade Cookies


European Bread

Travel Cake

Roll cake 



Soft Yogurt ice Cream

Cold Tea Drinks

Cold Café au lait



Tea Olay

Hot Tea Drinks

Hot Café au lait


V I S I T :

1. BUS:

    Take the 0east, 3, 20, 22,38, 1503, Xinyi Line and

    Xinyi New Line and disembark at the Yongkang St.

    intersection stop and walk for roughly 15 minutes.。