Zenique Le Salon New French Style

Le Salon translates as Salon, which originated from the 18th century France,

where literati used to discuss contemporary issues in literature and art in the lounges of the nobility.

Consequently, Le Salon later became the byword for spaces where literati socialize and where art exhibitions are held.


Zenique was founded in 2006.

The brand founder transformed his wonderful time spent in Paris into the aesthetic rhythm of the brand.

At the time, his perspective on life was enlightened by his landlord, a descendent of French aristocracy;

he resided in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, the place of origin for Left Bank Café culture.

Moreover, the iconic landmark of a 20th century literature café is just downstairs.


In 2010, Zenique was acknowledged by the 2010 Japan Good Design Awards (Product Packaging Award),

and in 2011, Zenique introduced Taiwanese tea into the splendid realm of French desserts.


Original New Flavor!

There is no need for additives thanks to the products natural goodness,

where the natural flavor of the ingredients can be presented naturally.

Zenique Naturally Grown Tea x Luxury French Dessert

Zenique Les chefs adhere rigorously to the spirit of orthodox French desserts.

Only 100% premium natural ingredients imported from France are used to guarantee your health and give you peace of mind.

Zeniques innovative French dessert concept presents a creative new flavor!

 100% AOC Certified Butter and Crème Fraîche 

Only premium AOC-certified Isigny Ste Mère naturally fermented butter and crème fraîche from France is used in our products.

 Isigny Ste Mère has been honored with seven Concours Général Agricole awards since its inception. 
 100% Connoisseur Selected Chocolate  

As the worlds top chocolate manufacturer, Amedei in Italy has received “The Golden Bean” for seven consecutive years

from the Academy of Chocolate Awards. It is the winner of the greatest number of golden awards in the chocolate industry.
 100% Fruit Purees and Imported Fruits  

Fresh fruits and Les vergers Boiron fruit purees imported from France are used in our products.

The purees are extracted from 100% fruits and refrigerated, absolutely no artificial flavors are added.
 100% Natural Sweet Flavor 

The finest Australian trehalose is used in our products.

With only 45% of the sweetness of conventional granulated sugar, our products offer more health with less sugar.