Zenique Elegant Line in tin-packaging 【Loose Tea】


130g /can        Green tea/Aromatic oolong tea/ Carbon-baking oolong tea/ Honey aroma black tea

110g /can        Gardenia oolong tea/ Black oolong tea/ Dark tea/ Ginger black tea/ Red oolong tea/  

                          Orchid Oolong Tea/ Gardenia green tea/ Yellow tea/ Tea Tree's Flower Oolong tea/

                          Jin shyuan tea/ Osmanthus green tea/ Osmanthus oolong tea/ Rose black tea/     

                          Chrysanthemum oolong tea/ Traditional Taiwan black tea  

95g /can         Lishan High Mountain Oolong Tea(Non-Roasted / Lightly-Roasted)     

50g /can          Ruby Black Tea      

 Carefully selected spring and winter tea leaves are of the highest

quality and satisfy even the most particular of palettes.