Zenique Classical Line in tin-packaging【Tea Bags】

3.0g / tea bag  20 Tea bags/ can


 Unfermented Teas         Green tea/ Osmanthus green tea/ Jasmine green tea

                                           Gardenia green tea/ Black soybean genmaicha

 Semi-fermented Teas    Oolong tea/ Black oolong tea/ Dark tea/ Osmanthus oolong tea/

                                           Gardenia oolong tea/ GABA tea/ Chrysanthemum oolong tea/ 

                                           Jasmine black oolong tea

 Fully fermented Teas     Black tea/ Ginger black tea/ Lemongrass black tea/

                                           Stevia lemongrass black tea/Stevia ginger black tea


 2010 Good Design Award « Product Packaging » 

Neatly storage which allowed people to feel its unique identity and gesture.
Even the product inside maintains a delicate and striking design